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Vans Homework Assignment (Racquet Club)
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1. Product: What products does Vans sell?

Vans sells skateboard shoes, appeal, and outer wear for guys and girls.

2. Mission Statement: Describe the Vans mission in less than three sentences. The mission statement of Vans expresses that they want to provide an attractive look to teenage kids. The employees of Vans want their customers to be happy and enjoy their new clothes. 3. Target: Who do they target in terms of gender, geography, lifestyle, income, interests and activities?

Vans targets mainly males, but lately females are making a greater appearance. Originally, they focused on the west coast but they quickly expanded eastward. They target younger kids with interests that include: action sports, music, art, and street fashion.

4. Competitive Advantage: How does Vans describe its competitive advantage? How are they different and better than other brands?
They see themselves as the original; therefore, being original is their competitive advantage. They were the first to make the canvas, checkerboard skate and active wear shoes.

5. Distribution: Where is Van’s sold? What is their pyramid distribution strategy? How does it work?
Vans are sold at most shoes that sell shoes; however, they decided to only give the mainstream retailers specific shoes. This is to protect their popular shoes in hopes to keep them popular. If only certain stores hold their most popular shoes, the shoes will not sell immensely all at once but will sell well over time. The most exclusive shoes goes to the top of the pyramid sellers and then the middle level shoes go to the more mainstream sellers.

6. What is their strategy in terms of their use of traditional media (TV,...
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