Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Indviduals, and Systems

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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My Values, Beliefs, Gestalt Systems
BSHS/322 Communication Skills for the Human Service Worker

My Values, Beliefs, Gestalt Systems
Many influences on a person’s life privately and professional can come into play when working with clients in the human service profession. In the helping profession we need to take into account our experiences, cultural up-bring, and communities where we lived in. Just as much as those play a part, our clients are reflecting the same thing when they come to see us. They are looking at us through their beliefs and values.

There are many types of helping professions. Social work, counseling, human services and, psychology fall into these categories. All of these professions work very closely with one another. We may be working with multiple professionals when seeing clients. My personal ideas of the human service profession were very narrow at best when I started out in school. I knew that working as a human service worker was broad but the profession goes out even further. It can be a guardian ad litems, child protective services, child advocates, teachers who teach adolescents how to cope with grief. I was amazed to see how broad of range that fell under the human service profession. My professional assumptions were more court-based settings. There are many class options as well as the office settings. There are a few other outside options for people.

My personal and professional values play a large role in how I will be able to help my clients. I was raised in a family where communication was not always done openly. Over time my value of communication was changed. Over time through experiences our values will changes as we are exposed to different situations and also as they are challenged, just as my communication value changed. I learned that being open and honest was more important than not communicating. As I got to know other people,...
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