Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Cocaine, Crack cocaine Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: August 2, 2010
Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper
Freydia is a 27 year old mother of 2 children ages 6 and 9. She has been using crack cocaine for the last four years. Her children have been removed from her care by Child Protective Services and placed with her mother. Freydia has entered a drug program, stating she wants to get her kids back. Achieving this goal will require much work on Freydia’s part. As a clinician, I design a working agreement outlining a plan of action and defining each of our roles in helping Freydia be successful in reaching her goal. Our working relationship will begin with an assessment. Based on the assessment, we will set goals for treatment and develop a mutually agreed upon contract and method of evaluating her progress toward this goal.

The assessment is the culturally responsive, objective and ongoing process of evaluating the therapeutic relationship, determining and evaluating appropriate services and the surrounding system that affect them (Murphy & Dillon, 2003). Initially I will gather general information about Freydia’s demographics, home address, and family dynamics. Next I will ask the client what she perceives the problem to be. I will want to know about her family and developmental history. In addition to drug use, what other problems does the clients see as barriers to effectively parenting her children? Maybe she is undereducated and has difficulty finding sufficient employment. Does she have a history of emotional or psychological problems that predates her drug use? The client will also need to undergo a physical assessment because crack cocaine use can wreak havoc on the internal organs. Any physical problems will need to be address as that can have an effect on psychological well being. Because her mother is the current custodian of her children, it will be important for me to determine what the relationship between Freydia and her mother is like. Is her mother supportive of Freydia getting...
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