My Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals, and Systems Paper

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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My Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals, and Systems Paper Human service professionals must follow a set of professional codes of ethics and laws that stress that their main obligation is to service their clients along with providing confidentiality, integrity, and follow-through. Clinical interviews must show clients that we value the person’s dignity and worth and that we treat everyone in the same respect. As a human service professional, we must remember to continuously work to accept others without judgment and without approving of specific behaviors. Clinicians do more than just think and behave ethically; they also encourage us to take a stand against social and economic forces (Murphy & Dillon, 2011). Being a human service professional means that I will come into contact with many different people with behaviors that I will not personally approve of, but there are professional values and ethics that I must abide by. Keeping your professional values and personal beliefs separated is important to be successful in your career on the human service field. I am pretty strong-willed, so I do not feel that professional values will challenge my personal beliefs. I do, however, feel that there will be some policies and laws in my professional career that may interfere with my personal beliefs but, I know that I must put my personal beliefs aside while working. My personal beliefs and values that are important to me are my religion and faith, my family and friends, my education and career, and knowing what is right and wrong and being able to choose between the two. My faith in God is the most important personal value. My religious beliefs are the root of my family values, my morals, and what make me who I am. I am a very family oriented person. The people who come next after God are my husband and my daughter. I feel that spending time with your loved ones is my favorite past time and making sure that they know that you love them is the...
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