Value Chain Analysis

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Value Chain Analysis
The value chain is an internal analysis that is used to examine the development of competitive advantage and to identify the value creating activities of the company. It also can add the value of the company’s products and services.

Figure 2.6 Value Chain Analysis
1.Inbound logistic
Maxis Telecommunication tried to provides many kinds of services for customer. Maxis receive Voice Messaging system from Tecnomen through network system. The software can expand and upgrade Maxis services and also enables Maxis Company to offer more services which include Next Generation Voice Mail as well as other voice services such as Missed Call Notice, Intelligent Call Back, and Greeting Centre. Besides that, it secures cost effectiveness for the future. Therefore, Maxis has come out with unique services (Tecnomen, 2005).

2. Operation and outbound logistic
Maxis is using electromagnet microwaves to send data and information to the public such as provides Push 2 talk services to the customer. Before Maxis provide the services, Maxis might need to install a kind of software into their main server. After the software has been installed, customers are requiring to active the service using mobile phone. Once the customer has activated the service, the main server will send software to the customer’s mobile phone through electromagnet microware, customer can start to use the service. It is very useful and convenience for public. (Hotlink, 2007) 3.Marketing and Sales

Maxis Communication Berhad has sales and marketing strategy to developing premium brands, providing a good quality of network and customer services. The first strategy is Maxis offer the cheaper price with the good services and network. We can buy the prepaid at the price RM 8.50 and can enjoy using 3G. The second strategy is Maxis offer the WebSMS in where people can chat with their family and friends conveniently by using PC. Maxis also advertise their product through internet, newspaper, magazine, and banner. In addition, one of the Maxis’s promotions is Maxis Postpaid Plan where people can enjoy RM 25 monthly rebate for the first 6 months when people buy the package 75, package 138, package 238 and package 500. The second is BlackBerry.

Maxis will keep giving their customers the best services which is bring an efficiency and effectiveness for them. Beside that, Maxis’s customers currently paying their monthly bill at various centers and post office, however, Maxis gives new options for them to paying their bill through pay-by-phone, direct debit, or e-billing which allow them using credit card at a predetermined date every month. Those options can give simplify and saving cost and time to them for not going to the various centers of Maxis or post office in Malaysia



1.Strong brand name and in leading position in market.
Maxis has well known brand and be the first player among competitor. 2.Professional skill
Maxis always give training to their employees in Maxis Academy. So, all the employees of Maxis become professional 3.Good relationship with customers
Maxis provide best customer service to provide information and solution if their customer has some enquires and problems to solve through ‘email us’ or ‘call us’ for 24 hours. 4.Sufficient cash flow and strong revenue growth

Strong revenue growth and sufficient cash flow generated from business enable Maxis to sustain their operation and development 5.High speed of innovation
Maxis is improving its 3G’s speed and Maxis try to get the WIMAX license.


1. Limited quality of fixed line services
The decreasing quality of fixed line which bring unsatisfied to customers

2. Error Billing System on Maxis Postpaid
Maxis receives a lot of complains from maxis postpaid subscribers because maxis postpaid services in spam and billing is lousy and inefficient.


1.Overseas market opportunities...
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