Value Chain in My Life

Topics: Value, Value added, Academic degree Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: February 12, 2013
The Value Chain in my Life
The value chain is a set of processes that create value and can be used not only in the business environment but also in my personal life. When the value chain can help create competitive advantage and improve my performance on the job, parenting, or when I am purchasing or providing a service. The key to any significant value chain is recognizing value added steps and by using continuous process improvement to streamline the value chain. In my current career, I am gaining competitive advantage by continuing my education to earn my graduate degree. A degree is something that my current co-workers have not obtained and will help position me into a competitive advantage for advancement. The method or process in which I follow to ensure that all aspects of assignments are complete is a checklist with priorities via a calendar. During the past week, this is a process that I have marked for process improvement. I recognized that even though I am turning the assignment in on time, I failed in the process to ensure all aspects of the class deliverables are completed on time. I currently accepted a promotion to the Resource Manager job; one of my duties is to strategically to add value to subordinates. Understanding how direct reports feel valued in the work place and building a relationship based on trust is essential. I have created an atmosphere of trust by analyzing and evaluating situations even before they are a problem. It is essential that employees feel that their thoughts and ideas are acknowledged, and credit is given to the correct person. I have created a system in the department in which, employees bring these ideas to the table where they are shared and evaluated for adherence to senior management, creating value. I re-evaluating my career goals to help maintain focus in keeping my goals attainable. Creating value is necessary when looking at long-term goals. I always identify and eliminate wasteful activities that do not...
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