Utilization of Lemon Grass

Topics: Paper, Boiling, Boil Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: October 5, 2011

The project, utilization of lemon grass (Cymbopogon citrates) as craft paper manufacture, can benefit all the people including the students, for it can save money from buying commercial craft papers. It can also lessen the cutting of trees which is the main source of paper. The proponents of this study want to know if the lemon grass paper can be a good quality of paper compared to the commercial ones. The materials of this project are all locally available. The procedure starts with the washing of lemon grass and having it air dry. When the leaves are dry, weigh the leaves and cut it to smaller pieces. Place the leaves in the beaker with NaOH and boil it in the stove with medium fire. After boiling, wash again the leaves and grind it. Place the leaves in the molder and let it dry. In the data, figure 1 states the comparison of lemon grass with commercial craft paper. It is stated that the color, odor, texture and the prices of these papers are different but the quality is the same. In figure 2, there are two trials; the grass boiled for 10 minutes and the grass boiled for 30 minutes. It is shown in the data that the second trial is better than the first. The proponents have proven that paper can be made of lemon grass and is different with the commercial craft paper. The use of bleach and fabric conditioner can make the quality of the paper better.
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