Int Task 3-Toilet Paper Experiment

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INT Task 3: Toilet Paper Absorbency Project Design Plan Problem Statement: Absorbency of toilet paper is found in many aspects when it comes to choosing the right toilet paper. When choosing toilet paper people base their decisions on many factors. Those factors include price, name brand, availability, quantity for the price, and even media deliverance (i.e. commercials) of toilet paper. Although these factors are of key importance, what about the absorbency of toilet paper? This experiment is conducted in the hopes of showing three different levels of absorbency. Testable Question: How does the saturation of three different brands of toilet paper compare? Literature Review: Based off two previous scientific experiments that were found, the results mirrored each other. Both experiments took multiple sheets of toilet paper and applied a controlled amount of liquid to each brand, in which the absorbency was recorded based off the brand. What was found is that the more expensive brand required less sheets to be used in terms of absorbency against the off brand toilet papers that were used in the experiments. It would appear that although the better toilet paper is more expensive, it is a better value due to having to use fewer sheets. (Dunbar, 2008) (Katwith6lives, 2010). Experimental Design The experiment will use three different brands of toilet paper. They are Charmin, White Cloud, and a local store brand paper. The experiment will start off by using fifteen sheets of each brand, that will be placed on top of saran wrap, and apply 3mL of green dyed water to each stack of toilet paper. After allowing the saturated toilet paper stacks to sit for 15 seconds observations will be made as to the amount of green dyed water that has accumulated on the saran wrap that the stacks of toilet paper have been sitting on. If any water is present measurements will be taken using a syringe to show the amount of water that was left behind from the stacks of paper by suctioning up the excess water with the syringe and observing the measurement of unsaturated water, if no water is visible, or unable to take measurements due to lack of excessive water, the amount of sheets that became saturated will be recorded. This process will be repeated by reducing the amount of sheets in increments of five, allowing for three tests to be conducted (15, 10 and 5). All three brands of toilet paper measures 3inx3in per square. The reasoning behind choosing this experiment is simply based off of its simplicity. The steps taken in this experiment are easy enough for anyone of any age to conduct the same experiment in the hopes of different results, or to see the same results this experiment produced.

The tools used for this experiment are as follows: Charmin toilet paper, White Cloud toilet paper, local store’s brand name toilet paper, syringe measured in increments of milliliters (using 3mL of water for each test), saran wrap to collect any liquid not absorbed by the toilet paper stacks and green food coloring to highlight the saturated and the unsaturated by the stacks of toilet paper used. The dependant variable is the reduction of toilet paper from fifteen, to ten and then finally to five sheets. The independent variable will be the amount of water used during each test run, which will be 3mL. Last, the controlled variable will be the amount of time used to test the level of saturation for each test run, which will be 15 seconds for each brand of toilet paper, a stop watch will be used to ensure accuracy. To reduce the threats to internal validity, the name brand will not sway the experiment and make the tester think the better brand will be the most absorbent. Each toilet paper stack will be treated as if they are all the same brand. Other factors that will not be considered are price, availability, softness of toilet paper or quantity within each package. Also, the outcome of each test run will not assumed due to previous test runs, that is, assuming...
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