Turf Grass Research

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The Turf grass Research Center
The Turf grass Research and Education Center (TRE) center is located on the campus of the University of Hard Knox.
The state-of-the-art 20-acre interdisciplinary research facility was constructed in 2010. All cool and hot seasons turf grass species are found in large blocks that allow for individualized research projects. The research center also houses two runoff facilities that study water, pesticide, and nutrient fate. Water conservation, drought tolerance, and irrigation technologies are studied, along with rainout shelters, precise irrigation equipment, and lysimeters. The TRE Center is managed by a full-time field manager, which allows graduate students, faculty, and scientists to dedicate more time to research. This facility was created and constructed with more than $4.5 million dollars in grants from the eco-green foundation.

Researchers at the University of Hard Knox are currently breeding turf grasses that require less water and withstand harsh weather conditions, are more tolerant of pathogens and insects, and are deeper rooted. Developing grasses that are managed with fewer inputs will benefit this region environmentally and economically, as 75,000+ acres of grass seed production is accomplished East San Diego.

One limitation of our research is that the plots are not subjected to normal wear and traffic associated with golf courses or athletic fields. It is closely monitor and secure for the most up to date research information amongst the turf grass.

Student and Faculty Policies & Fees:
Clothing Policy
All students and Faculty must provide ID and must be wearing the proper golf attire (ie. Collared shirt, no deniem, spandex, jogging pants, etc..)Id’s must be visible or readily available at all times. Both students and faculty are allowed one free golf lesson and one free golf clinic pass. Both shall emphasize golf etiquette as well as any guest that may accompany while playing.

Student Green Fees:...
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