Usps Synthesis Paper

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USPS Synthesis Essay
If I were the current CEO for the United States Postal Service, I would be gravely concerned about the future of my business, as it has recently taken a steep plummet from its success and popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries. The USPS is now faced with the decision to renovate itself due to the extreme loss of business as technology takes over the 21st Century. Some say that the USPS should be entirely reconstructed because the business is only headed further downhill, while others say that paper mail is still very practical, more so than e-mail, and we must each write more letters to do our part in reviving the business to profitability again. Because the USPS has been such a vital part of our country through its contribution to communication and employment, the organization needs to stay afloat by cutting back on delivery days, strategically rebranching throughout the country, and recapturing the importance of itself through advertising, in order to adapt to the new technology-based era. The continuous loss of revenue for the USPS can be alleviated by simply eliminating two or three mail delivery days every week. The business sunk like the Titanic just three years ago, when “the Postal Service experienced a 13 percent drop in mail volume… more than double any previous declining and lost $3.8 billion” (Source C). Unfortunately, the problem is only predicted to deteriorate with even “steeper drops in mail volume and revenue” expected in the next decade (Source C). Some experts disagree, and argue that increasing service is the answer. Marketing professor Richard Honack advises, “don’t drop from six- to five-day delivery; go the other way” (Source A). On the other hand, Source F argues that “eliminating Saturday mail delivery would save $40 billion over a decade,” whereas Honack states no guarantees in money increase or savings. Having mail delivered four or five days a week is a necessary solution for the USPS, in a time where...
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