Using the Mwgyw Teaching Approach

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Presented to Dr. Dennis Wilhite In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for



by Karlyne Robinson

April 19, 2011

ME (Orientation) Sometimes I wonder why I wrestle with the same problem over and over. I feel so stupid for just not being able to conquer it. But that’s probably something only I go through, right? Here’s the thing- I’ve tried to tell myself for years that I am a strong person, thick-skinned, able to take it on the chin, but the truth is, I have had many challenges, especially in the area of relationships. Why do I have so much trouble with people? Why do I always seem to end up being deeply disappointed by their lack of integrity, selfish behavior, meanness, etc.? Why do I take it so hard and personally? Why am I so easily OFFENDED? I have always considered myself to be a good friend-to my friends. I know that I am faithful, caring, sensitive to their needs, and generous. I’m not trying to sound like a super-saint here, I’m just saying that I put effort in being a true friend. The problem is, not everyone I have been a friend to, has been a friend to me. I have suffered many disappointments, had confidences betrayed, been unappreciated and taken advantage of. These betrayals have caused me to be overly sensitive to people’s words and actions, and, I hate to admit it but I have turned into a Christian who is easily offended. What exactly am I talking about when I say I am “offended”? I believe that to offend means that a person intentionally acted, to harm and betray another, in order to make them angry or feel some other negative emotion. Scripture translates these actions as causing someone to “sin” through anger. Now that we have a definition, is it a surprise that so many of our offenders have been family members, church members and close friends? WELL, IT WAS TO ME! And I tell you- I have held on to each and every one of these offenses for a long time – Yes!, I was treated unfairly, Yes!, I was abused and unappreciated, Yes!, I have every right to feel offended; these so called friends knew what they were doing and they knew it would hurt me; I’m justified


to feel this way, and No, I’m not inclined to be forgiving! I feel angry, detached, deeply hurt, and emotionally ill. I’m always blindsided and never prepared to deal with this type of hurt, in the natural or in the spirit, and I’m frustrated because I know something about all this is terribly wrong because I feel helpless and controlled. WE (Identification) Has anyone else in the group ever felt this way? Is there anyone like me, who many times wouldn’t admit they are offended because we have been taught it’s wrong to harbor ill feelings against people; so anger set in? Is there anyone like me, who is ashamed to admit that it took years to realize that this ugly emotion is a trick of Satan and a very powerful weapon he uses against Christians; so hypocrisy set in? Is there anyone like me, who just feels stupid and resentful that so much of my spiritual life has been controlled by this ugly emotion? Well, it’s high-time you and I got delivered! We have lived with this offensive spirit for so long, that I’m sure we know by now that we can’t get rid of it without the help of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. GOD (Illumination) But what if we are really justified to feel offended? Consistently, the Word teaches us that we have a choice about how we react to things. Even though we may have every right to feel offended (because we were actually intentionally mistreated) we need to know that we can choose how we deal with it. But before we get to our choice- I think we must first understand that offense really IS a demonic spirit. It’s powerful, lethal and a favorite weapon of Satan against Believers. Why? Because it works every time. Luke 17:1 says, “Then He said to the disciples, "It is...
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