Using Technology to Improve Business Communication

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Assignment #2
Using Technology to Improve Business Communication
Hans Jacobs
October 31, 2011
By Inderjot Shokar

Horváthová, P. & Davidová, M. (2011). Application of Talent Management with the useof Information and Communications Technology in the Czech Republic and OtherDeveloping, Emerging and Transitions Economies. Retrieved from

In this study, the researchers examined the quality of ICT technology along with talent management being used in organizations in one of the regions in the Czech Republic. Out of a group of 237 respondents (all organizations) selected for a survey, 96.2% had said talent management had not been put into practice in their organization. In another survey, 118 of 228 respondents had said they were not familiar with the process.

In relation to my topic, this article does stress the importance of using technology to improve business communication, how to use it efficiently, and that it’s most effective along with human interaction. However, it does not discuss how to keep technology in perspective, the importance of reconnecting with people frequently, and the flaws and distractions of technology if used inappropriately.

Tsai, C., Wang, C., & Lu, M. (2011). Using The Technology Acceptance Model To Analyze Ease of Use of A Mobile Communication System. Retrieved from
This article discusses the use of mobile communications to relay specific bodies of knowledge. It states that if mobile communications is to be used as a communication medium, it should have a simple design that users can implement in their life on a daily basis. Doing so will make people more willing to use the technology and thus improving communication. In an experiment of 230 participants, the results showed that this research had satisfactory reliability and validity.

Therefore, this information is relevant to my topic because it discusses...
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