Uses of Statistical Information

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  • Published : October 26, 2007
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Uses of Statistical Information
Jean Matsche
University of Phoenix
Statistical Applications
Tammy Czarnecki
October 5, 2007

Uses of Statistical Information
The expansion of the responsibilities of nurses, the nursing shortage, and increasing specialization make it more important than ever that nursing practice be evidence-based (Understanding Nursing Research, 2007). This expectation has made it evident that clinical nurses acquire skills in reading and evaluating the results of statistical tests. This systematic evaluation of practice is essential to providing quality care (Dorn, 2004). One reason that nurses may avoid statistics is that may were taught only the mathematical procedures of calculating equations, with little or no explanation of the logic behind those procedures, or what the results mean. Involving the clinical nurse at all stages of the process may help to alleviate some of those fears, and making the nurses accountable for the data gives them a sense of ownership. This sense of ownership from nurses directly involved in patient care will have the greatest influence on research efforts and the programs success (Dorn). Current Studies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital is part of the Vermont Oxford Network, a nonprofit voluntary collaboration of healthcare professionals whose goal is to improve the quality and safety of the care newborns infants and their families receive (Vermont Oxford Network, 2007).

Through Saint Joseph's participation in the Vermont Oxford Network, the NICU has current studies on Delivery Room Management and Hypothermia Effects on Long-term Prognosis (HELP).
Independent of the Vermont Oxford Network, the NICU has ongoing studies that include; accidental extubation rates, central line complications, and transport related data on departure time, mode of transport and thermoregulation. These independent studies are important...
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