Use of Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Materials of Leading Fastfood Chains

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Chapter I

The term fast food industry refers to companies operating as national or international chains with a number of identically operating outlets. The fast food industry is specialized in food products such as hamburgers, pizzas, chicken, or sandwiches. The growth of the fast food industry has reached a staggering number. If there are so many millions or even billions of hamburgers, or chicken nuggets, or French fries sold each year, then imagine all the packaging that is thrown to waste. The fast food companies have been under pressure for some time to reduce the amount of packaging they use in their food, and many have tried to rise to the challenge. For environmental reasons; both fast food chains and food industry, would like to use biodegradable materials but these have to fulfill the requirements and the costs has to be in a reasonable range. The materials have to work effective in existing production lines. Will they make or lose money by implementing a recycling program in their restaurants? It would seem that many are not interested because they aren't being pressured to change. Not enough people show they care to make the policy work at least, not at the present time. The best solutions from both an environmental and a business perspective were in reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. There is a clamor especially among environmentalists that its high time establishments should go green or start using biodegradable materials in their business. More common to these are fast food chains that use plastics and styrofoam to the detriment of the environment. Oftentimes do we experience floods in the Philippines particularly in low-lying areas like Manila and its suburbs where the main cause are the plastics that clog esteros and sewerage. Given the present situation, this has remain or has become or will become a problem later if these businesses are not aware of the harmful effects it may bring to the environment. The world we live in is a cycle. Any distortion in its use can injure or impair the other. Even life itself is not free from the debacle of the consequences of these acts; man-made or otherwise. Some fast food chains have in fact started its crusade on the matter, but whether it is top in their priority remains at some extent unchecked. The change to the system (use of plastics and styrofoam to biodegradable materials) is a matter of company policy. Much as they would like to, it would entail tremendous costs on their part to the point of shrinking their profit. Increase in the price of their commodity would not be the best thing to do. It is not even a good business decision. Perhaps, what they can do at present is to either use biodegradable materials, reuse or recycle their materials used in their business. This study focuses on determining thru survey and observation of those leading fast-food chains in Cabanatuan City on the extent on the present use of biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials in their business. Secondly, the researchers are keen on determining the cost it would entail if they go 100 percent green. The finding on the latter is significant to business administration students. Most of the research methods used in this study were library research, internet, interviews and observation. The researcher will concentrate on the two leading fast-food chains here in Cabanatuan City i.e., Jollibee and McDonalds.

Statement of the Problem
Specifically, the study will seek answers to the following questions: 1. To determine and describe the materials being used by Jollibee and McDonalds Cabanatuan City in terms of: 1.1Dine-in;
1.2Take Out.
2. To describe the materials being used by these fastfood chains in terms of: 2.1 Biodegradable;
3. To determine the percent of usage of these fastfood chains in terms of: 3.1Biodegradable;
4. To determine the...
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