Us101 Week 9 Assignment

Topics: Virtue, Ethics, Philosophy of life Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: August 4, 2012
After looking at my Ethical Lens Results I found that my personal preferred lens is results and reputation meaning that I listen to your intuition to determine the greatest good for each individual and the character traits and virtues that will best serve the community. I found that my Blind Spot is that I am Satisfied with too little good or Unrealistic Role Expectations which states that sometimes I fail to be accountable to those who are depending on me. So long as I’ve satisfied my own needs, I can become complacent, leaving problems unresolved in the long-term and everyone else to fend for themself. I also run the risk of developing unrealistic role expectations and will tend to rely too much on the virtues associated with a particular role, forgetting that individuals are fallible regardless of their role. I also found that my values consist of Balances between self and others .I value autonomy and equality equally and interdependence is my goal, harmonizing the rights of individuals with the well-being of the community. I also moderately value sensibility, following one’s heart to make prudent choices and am tempered by rationality, using reason to find the rules of life. I think that for myself personally my strengths and weaknesses are trying to balance my ethics. When it comes to my personal ethics they consist of three things Relationships, Honesty, and reliability. I try to focus on these three things during my everyday life. When I am focusing on my relationships I try to focus on my girlfriend and my family. I try building trust in my relationship with my girlfriend and try controlling my jealousy but I think that is my weakness because it is so easy to be jealous. Another relationship that I try to focus on is that with my family in order to do this I try to call them or text them every day which includes my friends that has become family to me over time. But my most important relationship that I have built over time is with my grandmother and...
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