Week 1 Assignment 2

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Week 1 Assignment 2: OLS and eCampus Scavenger Hunt

Search for the answers to the following scavenger hunt questions by exploring OLS and your student website on eCampus, or by reviewing the Week 1 Read Me First and OLS readings on the UNIV/100 Materials page.

To access the Week 1 readings, complete the following steps: 1.Login to your student website at https://ecampus.phoenix.edu. 2.Click the Materials link on the UNIV/100 workshop page.
3.Click the links for the Read Me First and OLS readings in Week 1. Type an X in the blank space in front of the correct answer. When you have answered all of the questions, save your answers in this Word document and title it Week 1 Assignment 2. Follow the instructions in the syllabus for submitting this assignment to the Assignments link.

1)What link do you click for accessing the materials for your class?

a)_X__ Materials
b)___ Assignments
c)___ Discussion

2)What tab do you click to get to the University of Phoenix Library?

a)___ Home
b)___ Classroom
c)_X__ Library
d)___ Account

3)What document do you use to find out what assignments are due in your class?

a)___ Instructor Policies
b)_X__ Syllabus
c)___ University Policies

4)Click the Library tab, and then click the University Library link. What are the three major databases listed under General Resources?

a)___ ABI/Inform, Emerald, PsycARTICLES
b)___ Opposing ViewPoints, Brittannica Online
c)_X__ EBSCOHost, Gale PowerSearchTM, ProQuest®

5)What tab would you use to access the Center for Writing Excellence?

a)___ Classroom
b)_X__ Library
c)___ Program
d)___ Account

6)What tab would you use to access your account information, such as your profile, password, and address?

a)___ Classroom
b)___ Program
c)___ Library
d)_X__ Account

7)Click the Library tab, and then click the Center for Writing Excellence link. Which of the following is an automated review service providing feedback...
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