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Persuasive Urbanization Essay
Have you ever thought how urbanization is negatively affecting on our society? According to World Bank (2009a), in next 25 years, urbanization can make over two billion new urban people in many huge cities. A lot of rural people move to big cities, possibly lead to overpopulation, crime and pollution. There are some people who still consider the negative effects of urbanization, but I extremely believe that urbanization has brought a lot of benefits on many countries which are developing in over the world. This essay will explore some advantages of urbanization in the developing countries. In spite of some advantages, there are some bad effects of urbanization over the world. World Bank (2009b) presents that gases or large quantities of carbon dioxide can be released to the air by industries and vehicles which make from the urbanization. For example, the acid rain which comes from the vehicle’s gases can destroy forests, buildings and animals. On the other hand, urbanization is a good reason for rural people who want to come to larger cities. Various job opportunities are offered by various business companies in the big cities. Furthermore, unemployed people and farmers in rural areas have the only one opportunity to get the better life by finding the jobs in some big cities then the result will be more and more people who want to move to the cities for work chances. Moreover, the locals can be provided more land to use by the expansion of urban fields. When the cities expand, many companies and corporations will start their business in these cities. This means that they can help people find suitable jobs and improve the infrastructures such as roads, departments, factories in developing countries . One of the main positive effects of urbanization is that it makes the better services in cities (Falola and Salm 2004). For instant, there are more educational facilities such as schools, colleges, universities in the cities than in...
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