Unlocking the Doors of Curiosity

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Unlocking the Doors of Curiosity
What exactly is a key? One may say, “Oh it is an object that unlocks doors, locks, cars, boxes, etc.” But to me, a key is so much more than just a tool to unlocking the lockable. Each key unlocks the unknown. Have you ever gone to an antique shop just to look at the keys and wondered where did they come from? Or who had it? Or did it unlock riches? For many people, none of this is a thought that passes through their mind when viewing the keys, but this is the process that goes through my head when I see a key. This may seem odd to some, but each person to his/ her. I absolutely love going to the antique shops and looking at the beautiful designs each key has. Each one is unique and wonderfully made; there are no doubles whatsoever. In a sense, keys and humans have quite a bit in common. We, as humans, have all been made wonderfully and are all unique in our own ways because of God. We are the key to God’s own heart and His love. Without us here, there would be no one to neither serve nor praise Him. In the end, we and only we are the key to unlocking His heart. We are the only creatures that can praise Him and love Him as we do. Each key has its’ own purpose. Whether to unlock a car or a house or a jewelry box or a lock, each one fulfills its purpose almost all the time. We, as humans, each have our own purpose, but sometimes we fail to accomplish it and that is only natural. There is no such thing as the “perfect key” that unlocks everything and is completely without fault; therefore, humans cannot be expected to be perfect or good at everything nor expect that from others. We must allow there to be room for mistakes and not be so harsh with criticism to each other. That is where a key is different from us. There are times where there are defects in a key, and that key does not work properly, but yet it is always beautiful creation to look at and have. This is how some people feel. They feel as though they are misplaced and...
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