Discovery: Long Shot and World

Topics: Long shot, Medium shot, Melina Marchetta Pages: 5 (2016 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Discoveries can affect our vision of the world, do you agree? Discovery is when you find or explore different aspects of something you don’t often know about or a lot of. There are many types of different discoveries you can make such as physical, historical, emotional, random, personal and accidental discoveries. “Martin and The Hand Grenade” by John Foulcher, “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melina Marchetta and “Erin Brochovich” directed by Steven Soderberghall all endure the theme discovery in many different forms. Through these three texts it shoes that discoveries can affect our vision of the world and this is evident to the responder, therefore I do agree that discoveries can affect our vision of the world. In the poem “Martin and The Hang Grenade” by John Foulcher, explores the idea of how discoveries can affect our vision on the world. Martin captures his class mates through a historical discovery on the hand grenade he brings into his history class. Foulcher is expressing the importance of human life through this poem and shows that violence in nature is similar to violence in humans. Foulcher shows in the poem on how the war and grenade can really give us different visions of the world he discovers that humans don’t always think about how it really is affecting others and themself. This history class filled with young boys shows that each individual boy had their own vision towards the effect this can have on our world. It shows in this poem that even the class is pretending to be in war thinking it’s a fun game but not realizing how this can actually affect different people and places of this world. “ lifts into the air above the desk trenches” Foulcher shows that Martin indicates he has got his gather’s bleak skills, they discover that it was his bleak skill caused by getting taught and shown to kill by his father. This discovery made really put an effect on how people look at the world, and how people and parents are teaching their children, whether it’s in the correct or incorrect form. Not only does this poem show the affect it can have on the world by many things discovered such as the boys are showing no interest on the effect a war can really bring to this world through loosing fellow countrymen and other huge effects it go along with it. This poem also shows words spoken through Martin that are not usual words a young boy would say. “ then the spread became too loose to catch a man’s mortality” Martin explains the power of the weapon and showing the bad bits about the grenade and making it sound like it’s cool to kill and hurt people with it. After all the boys see how the grenade works and wants to know more about it and t discover more things about war and what it would really feel like to be there. It shoes that the boys are discovering different aspects towards the effect of war and the Grenade has to the world and what it’s all really about. In the poem Martin and there Hand Grenade, many language techniques are shown throughout the interesting and discovering poem. In the poem it is shown that the way the words are said and what’s said you would never have thought it was a year 10 boys in a history class. The words said such as “to catch a man’s mortality” You would expect someone like martin that age to say to kill a man. By Martin talking he sounds like he wants to be able to be in war and to kill and be involved in it all. By Martin telling us the grenade has limitation it’s showing the good of it, his telling us good things about the grenade and what its power can do. In the poem there are lots of metaphors such as “small war” Foulcher does not call it a small weapon, the word war makes up picture of explosions, death and destruction. The smallness of the grenade is obvious as each boy hold it although it’s the largeness of the destruction it can horribly cause. The words such as “the class pauses for history” shows the impact the grenade has in bringing up the past, now the history is being...
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