Pre Phd Syllabus Hntuk

Topics: Cryptography, Algorithm, Sorting algorithm Pages: 6 (742 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Paper I - Subjects

R10PPCSG1.1 Advanced Databases

R10PPCSG1.2 Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing

R10PPCSG1.3 Code Optimization

R10PPCSG1.4 Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery

R10PPCSG1.5 Digital Image Processing

R10PPCSG1.6 Distributed Computing

R10PPCSG1.7 Distributed Databases

R10PPCSG1.8 Distributed Operating System

R10PPCSG1.9 ERP & Supply Chain Management

R10PPCSG1.10 Human Computer Interaction

R10PPCSG1.11 Information Retrieval

R10PPCSG1.12 Multi-Media Application Development

R10PPCSG1.13 Network Security

R10PPCSG1.14 Object Oriented Software Engineering

R10PPCSG1.15 Soft Computing


Unit I: Introduction to Network Security:

Attacks, services, Security. A model of Inter network Security, Steganography, One time PADS.

Unit II: Basic and ESOTERIC Cryptographic Protocols:

Key Exchange, Authentication, Formal Analysis of Authentication and key Exchange Protocols, Multiple & Public Key Cryptography, Secret Splitting & Sharing Secure elections, Secure multiparty, Communication, Digital Cash.

Unit III: Crypto Graphic Algorithms (Block Cipher):

RC2, GOST, CAST, BLOW FISH, SAFEER, RC5, NEWDES, CRAB, Theory of Block Cipher design.

Unit IV: Key Management:

Key lengths, Generating Keys, Transferring, Verification, Updating, Storing, Backup, Compromised, Lifetime of, Destroying Keys, Public key Management.

Unit V: Digital Signature Algorithms:

Digital Signature, DSA, DSA variants, Gost, Discrete Lagorithm, One – Schnorr – Shamir digital Signatures, Esign, Cellular Automata.

Unit VI: Mails:

Electronic Mail & IO Security good Privacy, SIMIME, IP Security Architecture, Authentication Header, Encapsulating Security, Pay load Key Management Issues.

Unit VII: Security:

Web Security Web Security requirements, Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security, Secure Electronic Transaction.

Unit VIII: Virus es and Threats:

Intruders, Viruses, Worms and Firewalls Intruders, Viruses and Related Threats, Firewall Design Principles, Trusted Systems.


1. Applied Cryptography, 7/e, Bruce SCHNEIER John Wiley & Sons Inc.

2. Cryptography and Network Security, William Stallings, PHI.

3. Introduction to cryptography with coding Theory, 7/e, Wade Trappe, C. Washington, PEA.

4. Cryptography and Information Security, V.K. Pachghare, PHI.

5. Cryptography and Network Security, Forouzan, TMH, 2007.

6. Cryptography and Network Security, 2/e, Kahate , TMH.

7. Modern Cryptography, Wenbo Mao, PEA

Paper II – Subjects

R10PPCSG2.1 Advanced Computer Architecture

R10PPCSG2.2 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

R10PPCSG2.3 Advanced Unix Programming

R10PPCSG2.4 Advances in Computing

R10PPCSG2.5 Bio-Informatics

R10PPCSG2.6 Computational Geometry

R10PPCSG2.7 Computer Communication

R10PPCSG2.8 Fault Tolerant Systems

R10PPCSG2.9 Machine Learning

R10PPCSG2.10 Mobile Computing

R10PPCSG2.11 Parallel Computing and Algorithms

R10PPCSG2.12 Pattern Recognition

R10PPCSG2.13 Scalable Parallel Computing Architectures

R10PPCSG2.14 Secured Data Base Application Development

R10PPCSG2.15 Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing


Unit I: Lists, Stacks, Queues and Trees:

Lists, Stacks and Queues: Abstract Data Types (ADTs), The List ADT, vector and list in the STL, Implementation of vector, Implementation of list, The Stack ADT, The Queue ADT. Trees: The Search Tree ADT - Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Splay Trees, B-Trees.

Unit II: Hashing and Priority Queues:

Hashing: General Idea, Hash Function, Separate Chaining, Hash Tables Without Linked Lists, Rehashing,...
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