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Topics: Paraphrase, Writing Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: February 10, 2013
After reading the student’s passage, it’s evident that the student plagiarized the entire passage, without given credit to the author. The student re-worded the sentence structure of the original passage by adding and deleting words and by rearranging words, but fail to accurately utilize the APA format when citing from a source. The student intention may have been to paraphrase the author’s passage, but the student fail to give credit to the author, basically saying the words are the original thoughts of the student. When looking for plagiarism, I for APA format, improper citations and quotes, excessively usage of quotations, incorrect cited references, multiple paraphrasing, and most important I look to see if the writer using their original thoughts. In the original passage the writing is more thorough and in depth. “Although biomedical research incorporates rigorous scientific rules and is often critically scrutinize by peers, the information can nevertheless be warped-by ending a study because the results are disappointing; changing rules mid-study; not trying to publish negative results; publicizing preliminary results even with final and less positive results in hand; skimming over or even not acknowledging drawbacks; and especially, casting the results in the best light or, as scientist say, buffing them.” Here is an example of plagiarism, in which the student intention was to perhaps paraphrase. “Biomedical researchers incorporate strict rules of science into their work, which is examined by peers. Yet the resulting information can be warped for five seasons: ending a study too soon, not publishing negative results, publishing results too early, skimming over or ignoring drawbacks, and “buffing”. In the original passage the writing is more thorough and in depth. The student basically paraphrased the entire passage by using very little words of their own and only deleting a minimal of a few words that came from the original source, and...
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