Plagiarism, Citing, and Apa Style Reference

Topics: Citation, Bibliography, APA style Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Plagiarism, Citing, and APA Style Reference

According to the Algonquin College Directive E43, Plagiarism is defined as “presenting someone else’s work, in whole or in part, as one’s own, and includes the verbal or written submission of another work (for example, ideas, wording, code, graphics, music and inventions) without crediting that source. This includes all electronic sources…, all print and written sources…, and all verbal sources.” It is important knowing what plagiarism means for someone, who is going to write a research document, an essay, or is going to have an oral or other kind of presentation, in order to present his/her work with correctly formatted citation within the work and with a complete bibliography list at the end of the work. (Common myths about plagiarism, para.3) Failing to do so, the person who is presenting his work without a proper citation and reference list “will be subject to disciplinary action”, that “will take the form of an academic sanction(s) and will reflect the severity of the offense committed” (Algonquin College Directive E43, 2006). In APA Format, documentation is presented “in two parts: citations within the text of the essay, and references (sometimes called a bibliography) at the end of the paper.” (Algonquin College, English Faculty, 2005, para.1). There are a lot of guidelines on how to utilize APA Style formatting regarding citation. Some of the basic directions are that APA documentation style uses parenthetic in-text citation (embedded footnotes), which “directs readers to a reference list at the end of the report where complete bibliographic information is recorded.” (Guffey, 2007, p. 440).


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