Apa History of Basketball

Topics: Critical thinking, Socrates, 1925 Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: September 22, 2008

Critical Thinking in the History of Basketball

Andrew T. Brough

Colorado Tech University Online

The Socratic Method helps Leaders use critical thinking to their advantage to Influence and persuade other people. Using the Socratic Method one can lead an Opponent to draw a conclusion that contradicts his own viewpoint according to Tucker, A.

(2007) Leadership by the Socratic Method: Air & Space Power Journal volume 21; Issue 2. My Career field in the Air Force is Airfield Management. The Description to Airfield Management describes itself in the title. Due to The Lack of finances in Today’s Air Force, Airfield Managers use critical thinking skills Prior to submitting a package when we request for

finances to repair Airfield Discrepancies.

Critical Thinking in Airfield Management
The first of the two things I have learned about APA style is as Follows.APA style is a format that helps prevent
plagiarism. After All, the last thing we should not want to do is take credit for ones Words or ideas. In the event one is accused of Plagiarism it can lead to a writer's loss of
credibility and professional standing Purdue Owl. (2007).
Home page. Retrieved August 26, 2008. From Purdue University Online Writing Lab

The second thing I could say I have learned about APA style is that it develops critical thinking skills. Critical thinkers like to proclaim that their intellectual ancestry reaches
straight back to Socrates (Whitaker, 2003) Critical thinking in the tower Ivory. This method of writing will eliminate
confusion, help us better organize our thoughts, and obtain a better understanding of what we are trying to get across in a conversation.

Airfield Management is my choice of career field in the Air Force. In today’s Air Force just...
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