Assumptions and Empathy of Philadelphia

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate issues presented in the movie Philadelphia. By using critical thinking this paper analyzes the logic of the movie along with real assumptions presented and intellectual empathy that can be found for the main character. This paper supports what grounds we are able to intellectually empathize with the main character and what assumptions may underpin our empathy. This paper also informs assumptions that can be attributed to the filmmaker of Philadelphia.

Assumptions and Empathy of Philadelphia
Philadelphia stars Tom Hanks who plays the role of Andrew Beckett, a young up and coming lawyer who is both homosexual and has AIDS, which is unknown by his fellow employees and employer. Andrew receives a promotion and is made a senior associate at the law firm he works for and is quickly given the firm’s top prize case. At the same time one of the partners, who had previously worked with a female who was stricken with the AIDS virus, notices a lesion on Andrew’s forehead. The partner recognizes the lesion as one that is associated with AIDS. Andrews prepares for his case, but is unable to be at work the day that it is due. The case file mysteriously disappears, but reappears just before the deadline expires. As a result of the file mishap, Andrew is fired on grounds of his incompetence, but he is convinced that it was all just a set up to get rid of him as a result of the firm realizing he has AIDS. His being fired leads Andrew to launch a wrongful dismissal suit against the law firm.

There are assumptions on which each side of the court bases it argument. An assumption is a statement accepted or supposed as true without proof or demonstration. It is an unstated premise or belief. All human thought and experience are based on assumptions. Most of our assumptions are unconscious and we typically are unaware of what we assume and therefore rarely question our assumptions. All of our prejudices, biases, and...
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