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UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI S Y B Com 2012-13 under SBCGS COMPUSORY COURSES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Commerce Paper III and IV Business Economics Paper III and IV Accounting and Financial Management Paper III and IV Foundation Course Paper III and IV Business Law Paper I and II APPLIED COMPONENT GROUP COURSES (Any One) 1.Economic Systems 2.Advertising 3.Co-Operation 4.Company Secretarial Practice 5.Computer Programming

1. Commerce - (Principles of Management and Finance) Semester---III Module- I Management and Planning: (10 Lectures)

A) Management - Definition of Management – Importance – Characteristics – Principles – Functions – Levels of Management. B) Planning - Definition – Process – Components – Advantages and Constraints – Essentials of a Good Plan. Module- II Organising: (10 Lectures)

Process – Formal and Informal Organisation – Organisation Structure – Line Organisation – Line and Staff Organisation – Span of Control – Factors – Graicunas Theory – Departmentalisation – Meaning – Bases of Departmentalisation – Delegation – Process – Barriers to Delegation – Delegation v/s Decentralisation – Matrix Organisation. Module- III Production Management: (10 Lectures)

Scope – Functions – Production Planning and Control – Objectives and Steps – Concepts of Productivity and Efficiency - Factors for Location of Production Unit – Production Systems – Intermittent – Continuous – Flexible Manufacturing System – Selection of Suitable Production System Module- IV Total Quality Management and Inventory Management: (10 lectures)

A) Quality Control – SQC – Inspection – Total Quality Management – Quality Circle – Quality Assurance – ISO 9001. B) Inventory Management – Objectives – Functions – Systems – Periodical and Perpetual Control System – Techniques of Inventory Control. Assignments/ Presentations/ Case Studies related to above modules( 5 Lectures)

Module- V Corporate Finance: (10 Lectures)

Corporate Finance – Objectives – Financial Management – Functions – Concept of Shareholders’ Wealth Maximisation – Risk and Returns.

Module- VI Capital Structure:( 10 Lectures) Components – Policies – Factors affecting Capital Structure – Concept of Trading on Equity Venture Capital – Private Placements Module- VII Indian Financial System: (10 Lectures)

Primary Market – Secondary Market – Stock Exchanges – Company Law Board – Corporate Governance – SEBI – Formation – Function -Protection of Investor’s Interest Module- VIII Contemporary Issues in Securities Market: (10 lectures)

Fundamental and Technical Analyses –– Forward Contracts – Leasing – Role of Credit Rating Agencies – Demat Trading – Merchant Banking – Foreign Direct Investment –. Assignments/ Presentations/ Case Studies related to above modules (5 Lectures)

Question Paper Pattern • • •
40 marks- Internal Semester End Exam : TWO Hours – 60 Minutes Question Paper Pattern: N.B. 1. All Questions are compulsory 2. All Questions carry equal marks. Q 1. Attempt any TWO (Out of Three ) Q 2. Attempt any TWO (Out of Three ) Q 3. Attempt any TWO (Out of Three ) Q 4. Attempt any TWO (Out of Three ) (One Question From Each Module)

SYLLABUS FOR SEMESTER III and IV Preamble: The syllabus of S.Y.B.Com. – Business Economics is an attempt to acquaint the students with the various important concepts and issues of macroeconomics and its relevance to Indian economy in the present context. The syllabus also incorporates issues related to globalization to enable the students to understand impacts of global economy on national policy making.

1. Introduction to Macro Economics Lectures) (15

Circular Flow of Income: Closed (two and three sector models) and Open Economy ModelsTrade Cycles: Features and Phases-Changing Sectoral Composition of India’s National Income. 2. Economy in the Short-Run (15 Lectures) Meaning of Aggregate Demand and Equilibrium National Income (Y=E), Concept of Multiplier-Supply of Money: Constituents,...
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