Management, Supervision, and Leadership

Topics: Management, Leadership, Peter Drucker Pages: 4 (746 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Learning Objectives
After completing this chapter, students will know
• What basic management skills are important
• What four tools successful managers use
• What personal characteristics most successful managers exhibit • What management style is best suited for law enforcement work • Who from the business world has helped shape management and how • What management by objectives is

• What basic differences exist between managers and leaders • What theories of leadership have been researched
• What leadership styles have been identified and their main characteristics • What constitutes effective leadership training
• What the common mistakes made between management and leadership are.

Chapter 1 Outline
Managers and Management
Authority, Responsibility and Delegation
Basic Management Skills and Tools
Personal Characteristics
The Role of Self Confidence
Management Styles
Which Management Style to Select?
Influences from the Business World
Management By Objectives
Total Quality Management
Avoiding Micromanaging
Leading versus Managing
Characteristics of Leaders
Research on and Theories Related to Leadership
Trait Theorists
The Michigan State and Ohio State Universities Studies
The Managerial Grid from a Leadership Perspective
Situational Leadership
Transformational Leadership
Leadership Styles
Autocratic Leadership
Consultative, Democratic or Participative Leadership
Laissez-Faire Leadership
A Perspective on Leadership from the Business World
Leadership Training and Development
Common Leadership Errors
Guidelines for Effective Management and Leadership
Management and Leadership—A Call for Change

Chapter 1 Summary

Basic management skills include technical skills, administrative skills, conceptual skills and people skills. Successful managers have clear goals and a commitment to...
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