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Topics: Management, Human resource management, Decision theory Pages: 11 (2820 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Ballarpur Technical Campus, Ballarpur
BIT – School of Business
(Affiliated to Gondwana University, Gadchiroli)
A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi Approved Courses

Syllabus of MBA SEM I

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Paper C11: Principles of Business Management

Unit I: Basic Concept of Management: - Nature, definition and importance of management, Purpose and scope of management, Functions of management, Management: science or art, Management and Administration, Case Study: Professionalism of management in India.

Unit II: Evolution & Development of Management Thought - Scientific management; Contribution of Taylor, Fayol, Mary Follet, Elton Mayo, Peter F. Druckar; Hawthorne experiments, Contingency approach. Management ethics and Management Culture, skills required by Manager, methods of skill development, Case study: Comparative study of main features of Japanese Management and Z culture of American Companies. Unit III: Management Planning & Decision Making – Meaning, Definition, characteristics of planning, objectives of planning , Nature of planning, Importance and Advantages of planning Steps in planning process, Limitations of planning, Essentials of a good planning, Concept, characteristics of decision Making, Types of decisions, Steps Involved in decision making, Importance of decision making, Innovation and Creativity in Decision making . Case study-Strategic planning in Indian Industry, MBO

Unit IV: Organisation, Coordination & Direction - Concepts, Principle of organization, Importance, Features of good organization structure, Types of Organisation structure. Coordination – An essence of Management, Importance and need for coordination, Principles of coordination, Methods of achieving effective coordination; Meaning of direction, Importance and Principles of direction, Characteristics of good directives. Unit V: Authority and Responsibility - Authority, Responsibilities and Accountability, characteristics of authority, Importance of authority, Types of authority, Delegation of Authority, Limitations of Authority, Span of control. Unit VI: Controlling - Concept, Definition, Areas or scope of control, planning-control relationship, steps in control process, Types of Control - (a) Feed forward control (b) Concurrent Control (Real Time Information & Control), (c) Feedback Control. Techniques of control, Essentials of an effective control system.

Suggested Readings:
1. Principal of Management, Dr. Neeru, Vasishth, Taxmann’s 2. Principals of Management, T. Ramaswamy, Himalaya Publishing House 3. Essentials of Management, Harold Koontz & Heinz, Weihrich, 5th Tata McGraw Hill 4. Management (A Global Perspective), Heinz Weihrich &Harnold Koontz, 10th Tata McGraw Hill 5. Fundamentals of Management, Robins, 3rd Pearson Education Asia

Paper C12: Managerial Economics

Unit –I: Introduction to Managerial Economics: Definition, Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics, Application of Economics to Business Decision, Relationship with other areas in Economics, Production Management, Marketing, Finance and Personnel, Operations research – The role of managerial economist- Unit – II: Demand and Supply Functions –Theory of Demand: Demand Analysis, Elasticity of demand, types and significance of Elasticity of Demand. Demand estimation – Marketing research approaches to demand estimation. Need for forecasting, forecasting techniques. Supply Analysis – Supply function, the Law of Supply, Elasticity of Supply. Practical Problems on Demand curve and Demand Function. Unit–III: Production & Cost Analysis - Production & Production Function: Concept, Forms of production function, Law of variable Proportions, Returns to scale. Cost concept, Short term and long term cost. Average cost curves, cost output relationship, Cost curves, Economies & Diseconomies of scale. Practical Problems on estimation of production function – Kobb-Douglas production...
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