Unit 4 : Business Organisations M1

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Unit 4: Comparison of the Main job
Roles In two organisations

First Business : Goldthorn Dentist| Second Business : Tesco| The first business that I have chosen is Goldthorn Dental Practice. This business is set out as a flat structure organisational structure. This means that the business only has two levels to it. At the bottom of the structure there are all the Dental assistants, receptionists and cleaners. The high level of the structure is the dentists, because they are the most important.| The second business I have chosen is Tesco. Tesco has a hierarchical structure because it has a lot of layers and also a lot of people reporting into more than one person before that information get to the boss. Each level is controlled by one person. A hierarchical company tends to be a very big company just like Tesco is. In a hierarchical instructions are generally passed down from one person to another until it gets to the bottom of the hierarchical structure.| Disadvantages of a flat structure:- There are chances of loose control because there are many employers under one manager.- The discipline in the organisation may be bad due to lose control.- There may be problems of team work because there are employers under one manager.- Efficient and experienced superiors are required to manage a large number of subordinates.- It may not be suitable for complex activities.- The quality of performance may be bad| Disadvantages of a hierarchical structure: * Communications between the employees and other staff could get lost! * Jealousy between employees when one gets promoted. * Employees may not agree on the changes within the company and unwisely express that.| Advantages of a flat structure: - Flat Organisation is less costly because it has only few managers.- It creates fewer levels of management.- Quick decisions and actions can be taken because it has...
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