Hr Container Store

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The Container Store:

Organizational structure, culture and behavior affect the people at the work. They are co-related. The structure of organization is very important because it affects on operating costs, efficiency and effectiveness of work performance, behavior and performance of employees and speed of operations of an organization. ‘Who is responsible for what’, it depends upon structure of the organization. Each of employees of the organization has capacity to be a leader, but it depends upon how they are treated and how they are identified and developed. And performance of employees also depend upon how they are treated (rewarding system of organization and performance measurement).The Container Store has relatively hierarchical flat structure. And there is also elimination of middle management, supervision and coaching. Middle management, supervision, effective mentoring and coaching are very useful to improve performance of employees and to develop leadership. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this type of structure in terms of performance development and leadership development. The Container Store is promoting employees by manager’s recommendation. It can lead to conflict. There should be transparency in performance measurement. They are using performance related pay to improve performance which is common and good, but there are many options to improve performance such as team rewards, 360 degree appraisal, profit related pay, retirement plan, holiday arrangement, satisfaction of human needs and health support. All these can improve performance. They do not believe in title, but there should be some power (authority) for individual to develop leadership. This type of power is also useful for performance improvement. Advantages of hierarchical flat structure:

‘Leadership can be learnt, if a person wants to be leader they can be a leader, just like other skills it can be learnt’.(Palmer,1998) As discussed in introduction...
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