Managing the People

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1 Introduction2
2 Case Study Of Singpost3 - 9
3.1 Background Of Singpost3
3.2 Working Environment Of Singpost4 - 6 3.3 Discussion On Case Study6 - 9
3.4 Conclusion10
3 References11 - 13
4.5 World Wide Web Sources11 - 12
4.6 Books12 - 13

I have been working in Singpost since 2005 for quite long time. So, I would like to discuss about my Singpost company in our individual assignment. My discussion will be based on Singpost organization culture how they were constructed, how do they motivate the employees and how to solve one issue related to our IS E-commerce & Logistics Department. This assignment will describe about background of Singpost, working environment of organization of Singpost and discussion of case study of Singpost organization. Background of Singpost topic includes the nature of Singpost organization which is their main business in Singapore. Working environment of organization of Singpost shall be described with more details into Singpost organization such as company proverb, company working hours, company organization culture, how they are working to communicate with each other in company, structure of their teams, how do they motivate the employee based on yearly or monthly basics and company overall flows. Discussion of case study topic represent about which organization culture model is similar with Singpost organization, what kind of teams that they being constructed in current situation to work each other, What kind of issue that they meet in current situation, what kind of motivation techniques are implemented to motivate the employees to maintain the turnover of staff.

Singapore Post Limited(SingPost) provides an integrated suite of mail, logistics and retail solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. SingPost has three main business areas Such as Mail Business, Logistics Business and Retail Business. Mail Business Area, SingPost is the designated Public Postal Licensee (PPL) for Singapore, providing comprehensive services for collecting, sorting and distributing domestic and international mail, including Direct Mail and Mailroom Management services. Logistics Business Area, As the leading provider of delivery solutions domestically as well as being the local worldwide delivery service provider with our courier brand, Speedpost, SingPost provides a wide suite of delivery solutions to suit the needs of our corporate and retail customers.  Speedpost offers door-to-door deliveries with complete reliability and efficiency both within Singapore and to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. We have also steadily expanded our logistics business beyond Singapore through our wholly owned subsidiary, Quantium Solutions. Additionally, we also offer integrated, customised logistics solutions that cover a wide range of value-added services including warehousing, fulfilment, distribution and inventory management.1

SingPost Proverb is “Growing From Strength To Strength” that mean” focus on sustainable growth while delivering a reliable and affordable service” 2. Company has a good reputation, images and well known deliver services in Singapore. Company desire color is ‘Blue’ because their logo, website and company’s shirt all are based on blue color design to show their unity of strength. Company working hour is different based on working conditions and departments. Some people work day shift and night shift especially blue collar worker who deliver packages and work at logistics parts. For them, company provides the over-time fees and other allowances. Singpost’s Employee wears the company’s shirt on the date which they...
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