Unit 39 - P5

Topics: Hospital, Hand sanitizer, Infectious disease Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: March 10, 2013
P5 – Roles and responsibilities of the team in preventing infection. Director
The key role of a director is to manage the infection policies and making sure all of the staff have one and understand it to the full extent. The director must know what to do if an outbreak happens. Reports of any outbreak must be made, no matter how small. The director must have plans of what to do if an outbreak occurs and needs to make sure that all staff know what they are doing. The director must also protect the team that are dealing with the outbreak, and any other people that may come in contact with it, like having controlled visiting times, delegated staff and effective hand washing. Infection Control Doctor

This is who works underneath the Director, they provide clinical guidance to staff and answer and queries they staff may have. The infection control doctor observes all staff and makes sure that all procedures are being followed correctly and looks at number of who has infections and how fast it might spread. Also, risk assessments and all done by the infection control doctor. Pharmacist

The pharmacist is who finds the drugs for the infected patients to use and makes sure they are in stock if spread. Reports are taken as to how many people are requiring a certain drug which treats and infection then make decisions whether it’s a reoccurring thing or just a one off. The pharmacist supplies the doctors in the hospital with the drugs needed to treat the patients in there. Lead Nurse

The lead nurse is who give advice, support and training to other nurses. They make sure that all nurses are aware of the infections that may spread, and when an infection outbreak occurs, nurses know what actions to take. The lead nurse has to make sure that all staff are following the correct procedures to manage the outbreak, for example, hand washing and P.P.E. The lead nurse is the one who looks over the staff and ensures that everything is running smoothly and no bumps are going to...
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