Infection Control Cu311

Topics: Infectious disease, Skin, Epidemiology Pages: 4 (1056 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Michelle Tribble
Employee’s roles and responsibilities are to take action to prevent the spread of infection round the home, to report to a higher member of staff so they can do a risk assessment for everyone to follow the procedures to make sure no one will spread the infection to a more vulnerable client. 1.2

The employers responsibilities are to make sure of the assessing of the risk, making sure the procedures are in place and over see that everyone is following them correctly. The employer should make sure there is infection control training and that the home has the right protective clothing and glove and bags and the right cleaning products. 2.1

The public Health (control of diseases) ACT1984
The public Health (infectious diseases) ACT 1998
Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) 2002
Reporting of injuries, Diseases and dangerous occurrences (riddor) 1995 Hazardous waste regulation 2005
Skills for health and infection control work place competencies

Michelle Tribble
Health and safety polices are in the policies and procedures it tell you about what to do to prevent infection control it tells you how to put gloves on and how to wash your hands also there are posters up in the toilets, how to tie your hair up, cleaning equipment, how to deal with waste and how and when to take special precautions and how not to spread infection. 3.1

Organisational procedures are normally found in written form in the employee’s manual and in the policies and procedures. 3.2
The term of “outbreak” is used when there are 2 or more related cases with the same infection at the same time. Members of staff must report any suspicion of an outbreak to a member of the infection prevention and control services (ipcs) 4.1

The definition of risk is the cause of spread of infection to others by activity and interaction with people who comes into the home lie visitors, workmen, nurses ECT…. 4.2
Potential risk of infections could be the...
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