Unit 300 - Solving Problems and Making Decisions

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Unit 300: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Extra workload in the form of all BTEC students having to sit at least 2 exams.


I work for SGS College in Bristol. The college caters for 16-19 year old learners and also provides education for adult learners, with a wide range of courses. We have a very successful sports academy and generally good facilities across the college which provide specialist training.

I work in the Exams team and my role is to register, claim and maintain multiple courses through different boards. I am personally responsible for all BTEC, NVQ and OCN courses. I also help with the running of the A-Level and GCSE exams. This means that I register every student with the relevant examining board and make sure that, throughout the year, any student who needs withdrawing or changing in anyway, is facilitated for this. At the end of their course, I claim for these students and make sure that they get their certificate and that, if they are looking to go to university, everything is arranged for them to achieve that.

Description of my Problem

The problem I am currently facing is the certainty of having to run at least 2 online exams for all BTEC students studying at our college. This has been made aware to us within the last 2 months.

This is thoroughly widespread throughout the college as the majority of our 16-19 year old students at our college are studying a BTEC course. This equates to around 2000 students. These exams will be run during most days of the week throughout the year so we are able to enable every student to sit the exam. These have to be completed between the months of September to April.

This new task will affect the Exams Department, Enrolments, Registry and IT. Exams will be affecting in that we will have to book, arrange and invigilate the exams. Registry will be required to find and book us rooms with adequate IT facilities. Enrolments will face an affect in their numbers of students coming into the college, as BTEC is a vocational course, students may be unsettled by the prospect of exams. IT will be expected to install and maintain any software required for the tests.

By arranging these exams I am aiming to achieve the ability to run and arrange these exams so the students can gain their qualification. This is now a requirement of the board so achieving this would be what is expected. If there were no action taken, the students would not complete their qualification and therefore not able to move on to their future job or educational path. Also, the college would lose much of their annual funding.

Below is a chart, showing the affect of all students to BTEC funding ratio.

In terms of numbers, this shows that the amount of money brought in by all students is £18m and the amount brought by BTEC students is £5m. When considering the funding required by colleges, this is a large amount of money, which could possibly be missing from the college’s budget.

Possible Solutions

I looked at an overview of my problem, in the form of a fish diagram as below.

Room Bookings

Training staff
Bigger workload on registry

Stress of running extra exams
Rooms may not be appropriate

Staff time
No guarantee of room being available
BTEC exams for students in the next academic year


Based on the possibility of myself running every exam, I investigate the possible solutions, with the figures of the task in hand. I looked at the amount of students who are studying a BTEC qualification, compared to the amount of computers available to me throughout the college. I went to the online Edexcel BTEC website and gathered the number of students required. I then went to our registry department and asked how many computers there are available to be booked for exams. I found that there are 3379 BTEC students compared to the data given to me by Registry, which shows there are 64 computers available in 4 rooms,...
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