Unit 29 Evaluate the Distribution Systems in Delivering Goods and Services for a Selected Organisation

Topics: Marketing, Business, Economics Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: May 30, 2013
D1- Evaluate the distribution systems in delivering goods and services for a selected organisation For this assignment I will evaluate different systems in delivering good and services and I will be using SuperGroup to help explain this. In today’s market businesses that are distributing good globally and nationally and therefore have to consider that the cost of distribution can depend on the method of distribution they use, there are cheaper methods of distribution available to all businesses such as by road or by rail, these are most commonly used because they are the most cost affective method’s but by using a cheaper method it does mean that the transportation is going to be slower. Compared to other methods that are expensive such as by air and container they even have their own advantages such as travelling by air is very quick process and distributing by container gives goods the best security available. There is other cost affective methods such as by sea but gain this a long and slow process. In the distribution process there are three main intermediaries these three are known as the retailer, wholesaler and the agent, these are between the organisation and the manufacturer. The retailer can actually be owned by the manufacturer who is actually making the product, wholesalers can be small cash and carry outlets or the full function wholesaler and the agent can be the manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler. Wholesalers trade in a method by buying large quantities of a product for example cigarettes and then sell them on in smaller quantities so they can reach a larger amount of clientele and therefore create better relations between businesses. This is a major advantage to any wholesaler because the more customers they sell too the more businesses they will be linking with create more business to business relationships, but this can be a disadvantage because they only have a certain amount of stock and they could lose business because they can’t...
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