Concepts of Marketing

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Marketing intermediaries can be defines as an individuals or firms such as Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers that links the producers to other intermediaries or the ultimate buyers to buy the goods from the manufactures/producers in order to satisfy their customers. It also helps the firms to promote, sell, and make available goods and service to the customers through contractual arrangement. Each intermediaries receives the items at one pricing point and move it to the next higher pricing point until the items reaches to the final consumers i.e. the customers. Market intermediaries is also known as Middlemen or Distributed intermediaries. There are four basic types of marketing intermediaries in the marketing concept. They are as follows: a. Agent

b. Distributor
c. Wholesalers
d. Retailers
Agents: can be regarded as an independent individuals or company the whose function is to act as the primary selling arm of the producers. Agents take possession of a product and do not actually own them. They are usually makes profits from the commissions or fees paid for the service they rendered to the customers. Distributor: are those parties whose distributed the good and service to the wholesalers and the retailers. They are similar to the wholesalers with one key different. Wholesalers will carry variety of competing product such as pepsi and coke , whereas distributors only carry complementary product lines. Distributed usually maintain the close relationship with their suppliers and customers. Wholesalers: is the trader who buy goods in a large quantity and sell in a smaller quantities to the retailers they usually sell their product in order to make profit. Wholesalers normally buy their goods from the Manufactures/ producers. Retailers: is a traders whose buy goods and service in a smallers quantities from the wholesalers and sell it to the final consumers i.e. hawkers. There are several general ways to...
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