Unit 21: P3, M2, D1

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Unit 21: task 3: P3, M2, D1

In this assignment I will be choosing and describing a service user for my case study and I’m going to explain how some factors such as medical disorders, life style and many more may have influenced their dietary intake. Due to the data protection I will not be using their real name.

Service user’s history

Aisha Ismail is 35 years old. She is a British African and has been brought up by her grandmother and now she’s living with her husband and 3 children. She is a Muslim and lives in New Parks Leicester. Aisha’s a wife and a house wife. She is not able to go to work due to her sickle cell disorder. Aisha was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. This was due to her unhealthy diets of junk food such as pizza, chips, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks. She never exercises but she does walk every morning when she takes her younger son to school. She does not look obese as she has an average physical weight. She loves to sit at home on the computer everyday, but she also does house chores such as cleaning, cooking and watching TV.

Medical disorder

P3: Aisha has high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. She might not look obese, but her BMI shows that she is obese. Diabetes is caused by excessive thirst and large amount of urine. Diabetes occurs when the body is not able to use the glucose in properly and it could also be because the person is lacking hormone insulin or the insulin available does not work properly. If diabetes is left untreated, it could lead to death. There are 2 types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the body is not able to produce any insulin and it usually starts when you are young. A good diet would help control type one diabetes. Type 2 diabetes in the other hand produces enough insulin or the body makes the insulin but it doesn’t work effectively. This usually affect people when they are older but nowadays, it has started to increase in the number of overweight people getting it and younger children. This can also be treated by having a healthy balance diet and making sure that they take their insulin injection. People suffering from diabetes need to be able to avoid all those sugary foods such as chocolate, cake and even bananas as they have a lot of sugar in them. But there is diabetes chocolate that are available.

Aisha always feels like she has to eat. She believe that she gets bore at home all alone and always feel like eating something even when she is not hungry. She always eats breakfast in the morning. Her breakfasts include tea with whole milk 3 spoons of sugar and 2 toasts with butter and a drink of coke after. She has crisp with an apple and banana around 1 when she’s doing some readings. For lunch she might have some pizza as she just need to put them in the oven while she’s cooking for the food that her husband and children will eat when they gets home. Aisha has also high blood pressure. This is when there is blood being forced against the walls of the arteries as the blood is being pumped by the heart. Aisha consumes a lot of fatty food and this is the reason that has increased her blood pressure. Other different food that would contribute to an increase in her blood sugar would include salty, fatty and sugary food. Aisha also needs to avoid eating too much red meats and margarines

M2: The food that Aisha eats in could all increase her sugar levels. She has tea with whole milk and 3 spoons of sugar, chocolate for snacks, apples and bananas; these would all increase her sugar levels. This is a bad influence on her diet because if she continues like this, she will end up feeling ill and would not be able to do certain things like be there to look after her family, look after the house and prepare food for her family. She also has a lot of salt intake in her diet which means that this would increase her blood pressure and also could cause for her to heart disease or have a stroke. By having both diabetes...
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