P3 Unit 5

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  • Published: May 21, 2013
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In order to achieve my P5 I have chosen the following four observation techniques, these are, , check list, time sampling, narrative observation and longitudinal observation. And to achieve the M3 I have evaluated my observation.

Check list at 14 months
Checklist observation should be positive, short, descriptive, understandable, and parallel in constructions, objective, not judgmental, not repeated, and representative on different types of development such as physical, emotional, intellectual and social. This type of observation is the quickest and easiest because it’s a simple tick chart that should include aims, goals and questions relevant to a specific age range. And once the child has achieved the aim or question it can then be easily ticked of once the. This observation technique contains important personal information such as name, date of birth and date of observation and the observer’s name. In order to maintain confidential the observer has to make sure that the observation checklist is not easily accessed by other individuals. The advantage to this observation

* Easy and quick
* Can use in presence of the child or later
* Useful for curriculum planning for individuals
* Several observers can gather the same information to check for reliability The disadvantage to this observation
* Closed” in nature, can only observe what is stated in the checklist * Lack of information about quality and duration of behavior and a description * It only concentrates on one specific area of development In this observation I used a sample checklist that was given to me in class. This method of observation was very clear to me and allowed me to see clearly what the child was able or not able to do there for it also allowed me to see if the child was behind on his development or not. Observer: Erica Oliveira Date: 20.03.2011

Date of birth: 23.01.2010 Child’s name: Child A
General Development | Yes | No | Sometimes...
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