Unit 2 Assignment Tims Coffee Shop

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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The difference between the mission statement and the vision statement are very clear. The mission statement is the present state and the defined purpose of the organization. The mission statement is meant to explain to others why this business or organization exists and what it stands for. The vision statement on the other hand is a mental picture of what a business or organization wants to achieve over a period of time. It is somewhat like a goal for the business. The vision statement provides inspiration to the focus of an organization or business and what they would like to achieve in the next five to ten years.

The mission statement should contain what the plan is for the company in both the present and the future. It is basically explaining in short what the company stands for and what their mission is for the company. The mission statement for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is: “Tim’s Coffee Shoppe strives to go above and beyond in providing quality coffee at a profitable rate with the most rewarding environment and professional atmosphere.”

I believe this mission statement allows for changes down the road. I believe the coffee shop could offer more than just coffee later on. The entertainment could get better. The location could change for the better and hopefully business will later become a partnership with another employee. The short term goals I feel focus in with the mission and vision statement. In order to provide great service he needs to be able to accept more than cash. The staffing needs to be professional if he wants to continue to attract memorable clientele. Lastly the finances have to be inline in order to be a successful business owner so he has to make sure his purchases are being made properly and items are being used and not just sitting around in storage or the office.

Now for the long term goals I believe if he betters these goals in the future 3-5 years he will have great success with the company. Relocating to a bigger location that may...
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