Unit 12 Cache Level 3

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Main food groups:
There are 5 main food groups and they are:
- Bread, other cereals and potatoes
- Fruit and vegetables
- Milk and diary foods
- Meat, fish and alternatives
- Foods containing fat and foods containing sugar.

Bread, other cereals and potatoes are carbohydrates which are nutrients that give your body energy. There are also other nutrients in this food groups, and these are calcium, iron, B vitamin and dietary fibre.

Fruit and vegetables are essential for a child’s health and well being because it has Vitamin C that helps develop and take care of connective tissue and bones. Children are encourages to have their 5 a day because fruit and vegetables ‘help to prevent the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer’ (Child Care and Education, Penny Tassoni, 2007, 455.)

Milk and diary foods are essential for a child’s health and well being because it is full of Calcium and calcium helps to maintain children’s bones and also their teeth. This is why most nurseries and schools give their children milk and in my experience we would explain why milk is good for you. This would then encourage them to drink it.

Meat, fish and alternatives are essential for a child’s healthy and well being because it all contains Iron, which is needed because it helps form your blood. Protien is also in these foods and this is important especially with young children because it helps with growth and repair of the body.

Foods containing fat and foods containing sugar because they have Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K in them.

Vitamin A helps with vision, Vitamin D is essential because it helps the body to be able to use the calcium that it receives to strengthen bones and teeth, Vitamin E develops strong muscles and healthy skin and Vitamin K helps to prevent blood clots.

E2 -

Poor eating affects children by the children eating too many especially fatty and sugary foods. It also affects a child doing exercise such as playing running games in the playground. They may not be able to run far and may get frustrated at themselves because they may want to keep going. An effect of poor eating is Early Diabetes which is common in children these days because a lot of parents can not afford fresh food and prefer to buy the easy frozen and packet meals for their child. This is why the percentage of obesity in children has risen. It is also because most children do not go out and plays a lot and would like to stay inside instead to either watch TV/play games.

There are short – term effects of poor eating and a short – term effect may involve lack of concentration. This may be because the child may not have had breakfast in the morning. Children need breakfast to help wake them up by stimulating their brain and to not feel hungry during the day.

Children who have a poorly diet will be affected by starting to show signs such as tiredness, loosing weight, frequent colds, sore throats, bleeding gums and also poor skin and hair condition. This is because they are not getting enough nutrients in their diet. Children who have diets that include a lot of fat and salt can lead to heart problems in their futures; this could lead to early heart attacks.

Bullying is another affect of poor eating. Children who are either over-weight or under weight are most likely to be called names of to be teased. This would then lead to depression, low – self esteem and also self image which are also affects. Bullying would also lead to poor attendance at school which would also lead to affecting their learning/grades; they would end up missing a lot of their work and would then need to catch up on it.

E3 –

The food safety Act 1990 is a law that prevents children from getting food poisoning. It ensures that all foods reach their expectations in terms of nature, substance and quality. To stop children from getting food poisoning, the food safety Act 1990 Act gave settings a set of rules...
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