Unit 1 Nvq 3

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NVQ 3 : Unit 6 – Working Together for the Benefit of Children and Young People 1. Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working| When working with children it involves close working with different agencies. When children are growing up they require the use of different services, it is important for these services to work together so that they can help promote the child’s development and other life skills. Multi-agency working is an effective way of supporting children and families with additional needs. Multi-agency working brings together practitioners from different sectors and professions within the workforce to provide integrated support to children and their families. It also helps to secure real improvements in their life outcomes.| 2. How do integrated working practices and multi-agency working in partnerships deliver better outcomes for children and young people| Integrated working and multi-agency working delivers better outcomes for the children and families as there is a broad range of knowledge, skills and professions all trying to do their best for the child. More ideas and opinions and record sharing will allow us to achieve the best possible outcomes for the child. To make sure the outcomes for the child are to be positive we must make sure that all parties understand what information can be shared and about the importance of confidentiality. External agencies

There are many external agencies that we may meet that are brought in to support a child and their family which in enables sharing of skills, information and best practice.| 3. Describe the functions of external agencies with whom your work setting or service interacts| | 4. Explain common barriers to integrate working and multi-agency working and how these can be overcome.| The common barriers for integrated working and multi- agency working are not everyone will agree on things and different professions may work in different ways and word...
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