Unique Photographers: Their Lives and Their Art

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From 1979 to present there have been many famous photographers, but there are three who really stick out: Jerry Uelsmann, Freeman Patterson, and Annie Slivovitz. These three photographers had very distinct photography and viewed photography as more than pictures but as pigments of emotions and feelings. These photographers are very famous for their pictures and one photographer is known for her help in third world countries.

The first photographer that I would like to mention in my research paper will be Jerry Uelsmann. Uelsmann was born in Detroit on June 11th, 1934. Uelsmann acquired school degrees and actually went on to teach classes. He was an intelligent man, who knew exactly what he wanted to do in his life. When Uelsmann was 23 years old (1957) he received his B.F.A degree at the Rochester Institute of technology. When he was 26 (1960) he received his M.F.A at the Indiana University. In 1960 he received his first job offer to teach photography at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Jerry Uelsmann is also a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. Jerry Uelsmann founded The American Society for Photographic Education.

Jerry Uelsmann did mostly double exposures. When working a day in the darkroom Uelsmann would go through 50 sheets of photo paper, trying to find at least one or two prints that he liked. During a year, Uelsmann may produce one hundred and fifty images, and only fifteen of those one hundred and fifty images last through out the year. The fifteen prints that are left are the prints that had meaning to him. Sometimes he would draw sketches of the pictures he would like to develop, just to give him an idea of the kind of image he would like to create in his next photo. Jerry Uelsmann is not known for computer images but on a couple of his photographs he has used his Mac Intosh computer to enhance the prints. One photograph that he has computer enhanced is (“Man Walking on the Desk“). Uelsmann decided to use a computer to alter this print because it amazed him; all the possibilities/creations that are available to him through a computer. The print that he altered with his computer is one of his most famous prints (“Man Walking on the Desk”) which was created in 1976, and then resurrected in the year 2000 to modify he print by scanning it on to his computer and adding a shadow to the man walking on the desk. He didn’t make a really big change to the photo but he could not have added the shadow in the darkroom so his computer gave him that possibility. The image (“Homage to Man Ray”) was completely done on his computer in 1999 and he printed it out on an Iris printer to give a shinny professional finish.

Uelsmann has done over one hundred solo shows in the United States in the past thirty years alone. In the past twenty-five years, Uelsmann has had over ten books devoted to him and his artwork. He has more than 15 museums around the world that display his art work, these include: The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Bibliotheque National in Paris, The National Gallery of Canada, and The National Galleries of Scotland. Other museums show casing his artwork are located in Paris, Australia and New York. Some of his work has been reproduced and put into international journals, magazines, books, newspapers and television shows (The Outer Limits) . Some books produced about Jerry Uelsmann and his art are Jerry N. Uelsmann Millerton, and Jerry Uelsmann: Silver Meditations by Dobbs Ferry. Jerry Uelsmann is experienced in his art and has created memorable and unique photos and has displayed them so that the world can see what kind of imagery he can produce.

Freeman Patterson is another interesting photographer currently lives in Shamper’s Bluff, New Brunswick. As a child Freeman grew up on a farm in New Brunswick. This is one of the reasons why he won’t photograph vegetables; he’s seen to many of them and they have boundaries. Freeman has acquired school degrees including a...
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