Annie Leibovitz. Research Paper

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Annie Leibovitz
This paper has been far more difficult to research than I thought it would be. Unfortunately, photographers are not always given the full credit they desrve for their work and therefore, it is impossible to find the names of the artists of some of my favorite photographs. Instead, I decided to just look up popular photographers in the fashion industry in hopes of having easier access to information. Despite the fact that I now had the names of some of the most world famous fashion photographers, finding information on them is a whole other story in and of itself. As I am beginning to realize, the saying among the photography department is true- if you are not Annie Leibovitz, you will not be known until you are dead. For example, one of my favorite photographers is Diane Arbus. She had compiled vast amounts of work throughout her career. Unfortunately, all of her works were found in a locker after her suicide and then she was seen as an artist. To summarize what I am saying is that the only famous photographers are dead ones and all the successful ones are barely known. So in order for this research paper to even have the possibility of making it it to four pages, I am going to have to choose the cliché (yet greatly talented) photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

Annie Leibovitz is not only the most well-known female photographer, but she is also the most well-known photographer of our time. She started working with Rolling Stone magazine in its early days and she is primarily known for her celebrity photographs and her ability to capture the essence of her subjects. Born Anna-Lou Leibovitz on October 2, 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut; she was the third child of six. Her mother, Marilyn Leibovitz, was a "modern dance instructor of Estonian Jewish heritage" (Leibovitz). Her father was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force which forced the family to move around frequently- including spending an extended amount of time in the Philippines during...
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