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Within Unilever, Simatic IT Interspec is used to manage all Production Item specifications from Ingredient and Packaging Materials that are received, to Finished Products. Simatic IT Interspec is currently in use in both its Foods and Home and Personal Care businesses across a variety of geographies. For example it is operational across the Foods Division's European business in a variety of countries and companies, and in the Home and Personal Care (HPC) Division North American businesses. Plans are currently being implemented to install Simatic IT Interspec in other businesses in both Unilever Foods and HPC Divisions worldwide. As an indication of the breadth of use, the Foods Division's European business has several thousand Simatic IT Interspec users managing more than 30.000 specifications. Furthermore, the use of the solution spans a complete range of functions, including Research & Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and the Planning and Procurement departments. Worldwide implementation

The most important success factor for the project was the capability of Simatic IT Interspec to simultaneously enable benefits at both an operational and strategic level. At a single site implementation level it provides users with a single point of reference, saving them time and avoiding data having to be entered twice with the associated risk of errors being made. This made Simatic IT Interspec very attractive to users who run the day to day operations of operating companies. At the same time, by linking site implementations using common structures and language, data could be collated and aggregated to get the bigger picture, for example to support global procurement. It was this strategic capability, that attracted senior management attention and support. Both elements were necessary to deliver a project of this nature. This, together with thorough project planning, clear and well structured roles and responsibilities, and a common goal aligned to Unilever's...
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