Ungraded Persuasive Paper on Organ Transplantation

Topics: Organ transplant, Prison, Organ Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Chao Peng
Professor Rob Drummond
WR 121 English Composition III
11 March 2013
Prisoners < Raised Animals? No!
Caged animals in zoos often involve our sympathy for their lack of freedom. Actually they are treated well, not to mention animals raised by private person. They are so noble that they are bought insurances, fed expensive pet food and provided medical care. They are treated as baby humans or sometimes more than humans. However, for human beings imprisoned, even giving them basic medical care is likely to make some law-abiding taxpayers annoyed. They don’t want to give prisoners any essential help. When prisoners are badly ill and need organ transplants, people want to ignore the medical need of prisoners and blame that “they deserve to die”. I feel so guilty for all these people, thinking of human lives more trivial than caged animals. This is definitely wrong. Leaving them alone means killing them. I believe prisoners’ medical need on transplantation should not be ignored.

Prisoners share equal human rights like law-abiding people in medical care. Literally, human rights are the rights born with human beings, including life, death, health, freedom and the like. Although prisoners are forfeiting freedom, as long as they are alive, health is still their right. Because if a process can be taken to save lives from illness but is not taken, it is a cruelty to leave them to die. And there is no difference between the ignorance on medical need and robbery of their life rights. That is to say, when the ignorance happens, you are executing prisoners with very cruel methods without humanity. Especially in the U.S. where death penalty is eliminated, the country is obligated to give prisoners sufficient medical care. According to “The Ethics of Organ Transplantation for Prisoners”, “the U.S. Supreme Court ruled prisoners were entitled to receive adequate medical care” and the empowerment has taken place for about 40 years (Kahn, 365-6). In other words,...
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