The Death Penalty Is Inhumane

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Death row inmates around the world are held in appalling conditions: the cells are not suitable for a human being; the dietary regime is inadequate; and access to medical care is difficult.

“Not only are inmates placed in physically cruel and unusual circumstances, but their mind is also greatly affected by their situation, with many death row inmates suffering from mental illness and mental disabilities as a result of their death sentence,” stresses the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty. “The effects of murder cannot be erased by more killing, and the death system prolongs the suffering of victims’ families. It inflicts more pain on families of those on death row, and it is inefficient as it has never shown that it deters crimes more effectively than other punishment,” says the coalition. There are several methods used to carry out the executions ranging from stoning, beheading, and executing by rope, lethal injection, electrocuting, shooting and all you can think of. However, executions, regardless of the method used, are cruel and inhumane. They can and do go wrong in many cases. Those in charge of executing also live and sleep with the guilty of seeing someone depart from the world. The horror in the victim’s eyes and the last moments is definitely not something one would want to remember, they are forced to live with a nightmare.

 The death penalty involves cruel and inhumane punishments.  There can never be a justification for torture or for cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. The cruelty of the death penalty is evident. Like torture, an execution constitutes an extreme physical and mental assault on a person already rendered helpless by government authorities. The physical pain caused by the action of killing a human being cannot be quantified. Nor can the psychological suffering caused by fore-knowledge of death at the hands of the state. Whether a death sentence is carried out six minutes after a summary trial, six...
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