Unethical Recruitment

Topics: Ethics, Discrimination, Wal-Mart Pages: 7 (2732 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Unethical Recruitment
Wal-Mart vs. Target

Ethics is a very crucial part in businesses especially when it comes to the Human Resource department to recruit ethically. Ethics seeks to address questions about morality, different concepts of what is good and bad, right and wrong, justice, and virtue. (Hirsch, 2010, p.33) Many people associate ethics with their feelings, religion, laws and cultural society but on the contrary ethics is not a matter of one’s feelings nor is it based on religion or society but ethics is a set of standards of right and wrong that ‘prescribe’ what humans ought to do in reference to society, fairness and other specific virtues. It emphasizes the reasonable obligations of refraining from certain actions such as rape, theft, murder, fraud etc. Ethical standards include compassion, honesty, and decency, rights to privacy, freedom and life. (meyer, 2010, p.2). These ethical standards are adequate and acknowledged by the majority of people since they are supported by well founded reasons. Ethics must be enforced into a company so it can function in harmony and as a whole. Many a times organizational ethics is not practiced in the workplace as we find employers abusing their power over their employees. Human resource ethical issues are a major concern to society as no one would want to work for a company that does not recruit ethically. There are a set of ethical standards that an employer must follow while recruiting. We have focused on a few. First and foremost fairness in recruiting can not only benefit the employee but also the company. One must recruit fairly making sure that no one is adversely impacted by the company’s actions. Recruiters must evaluate applicants based on their expertise and knowledge, skills, educational level and work history for the evaluation to be completely fair. For instance recruiting an applicant that is your relative but with no high educational level over an MBA graduate is one of the many unfair practices that go on today. However Valuing diversity is a positive action as it tries to incorporate fairness into the organization. (Hirsch, 2010, p.33) Discrimination is another major concern while recruiting. An employer must not treat people differently just because of their skin color, gender, height etc. Recruiters must keep their promises if they have promised a bonus or promotion to an employee. Recruiters who use methods that are deceitful or dishonest do no one a favor. They harm the company’s reputation as well as their own. Many recruiters are unsure whether or not a particular practice is wrong might do well to place themselves in the shoes of the candidate or the manager and see how they would react. In today’s society many issues are handled unethically and not many people voice out their opinions regarding unethical issues and practices. It is important to examine what is occurring around you. Detecting and effectively handling unethical behavior is central to maintaining upstanding business practices ( Hudson,2010 ) a few articles regarding unethical practices have been discussed for further clarification. In November 12 1975, the Sex Discrimination Act was founded in the U.K under the Queen’s laws to prevent further unlawful kinds of sex discrimination, discrimination on the basis of marriage, and to promote the equality of both sexes in all fields of opportunities (Sefton.gov.uk, 2010). According to States News Service, the United Nations have urged and emphasized the importance of eliminating all forms of discrimination against women during war through the implementation of the Security Council Resolution 1325 which was created back in 2000 (States News Service, 2010). War exacerbates all the inequalities that are present between women and men in all societies and up to different degrees, which leaves women in particular vulnerable to all sorts of assault, discrimination, and violence. The adoption of the resolution...
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