Unequal Rights in Marriage

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Unequal Rights in Marriage

Unequal Rights in Marriage
Mr. Thomas had the necessary documents proving his domestic partnership with Mr. Dawson but the hospital’s staff refused to advise Mr. Thomas of his partner’s health status. “We had all of the paperwork that any gay couple could have in the State of Ohio,” he said. “They said, ‘You’re not family’ ” (PARKER-POPE, 2010). The situation could have been avoided if the gay couple had equal rights in marriage. Gay couples that are in a loving committed relationship should not be denied equal rights in marriage but should be treated in the same way as heterosexual couples. I have been in a same-sex domestic partnership for thirteen years. My partner suffers from a heart condition that has sent her to the hospital many times. The hospital has denied me any information concerning her condition each time she was admitted. If my partner and I could be legally married the hospital would not be able to keep us apart or withhold vital information. There are many gay couples that face situations daily that could be prevented if they were legally married having rights that would protect them. Legalizing gay marriage is the best solution because marriage is recognized in all states and countries. It would be a good idea and cost tax payers less to pass the “Respect for Marriage Act” (Carey, 2011) then it would to spend millions of tax dollars by having congress to place a ban on gay marriage. By legalizing gay marriage gay couples will have equal rights in marriage thus will be treated in the same way as heterosexual couples.

Problem Analysis
Many believe that a same-sex marriage is wrong because the couple can’t reproduce children (Waldman, A Common Missed Conception: Why religous people are against gay marriage ). Gay couples need equal rights in marriage to be able to raise children in a family environment. Having equal rights in marriage will give gay couples the validity and recognition of being a family. Many religious activists believe that gay parents will do more harm to a child’s psyche. There are psychologists that have performed studies to observe children of both same-sex and heterosexual parents. Certain research studies indicate the welfare of the children of same-sex parents is the same as those of heterosexual parents (Perrin, Pediatric Organization Endorses Same-Sex Marriage For It's Benefit to Children, 2013). Religious beliefs should not influence laws effecting marriage rights for gay couples. Those opposing gay marriage feel that children that are raised in a “traditional” marriage with a mother and father have a better opportunity to develop relationships with both sexes (Hansen, 2009). Furthermore, having same sex parents may cause sexual confusion. Hansen also explains that “having a relationship with both a male and female parent increases the likelihood that a child will have successful social and romantic relationships during his or her life”. Speaking from experience, I was raised in a “traditional” marriage and I was not sexually confused. I have social relationships with men but I prefer to be romantically involved with a woman. I believe that parents can communicate with their children in a way that can help the children understand that it is okay for them to have a relationship with whomever they prefer, not who society wants them to be with. Society has a way of convincing us that the “normal” way to grow up is to be heterosexual. Many states have legalized gay marriage giving equal rights to gay couples. Statistics show seventeen states that have legalized gay marriage (Gay Marriage, 2014). I think that many states will follow in the wake of the states that have legalized gay marriage because there are many judges that have ruled that a gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. The judges claim it is unconstitutional to deny Americans the right to marry. There are also many Americans that have recently changed the way they think...
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