Unemployment in Pakistan (Case Study)

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  • Published: September 14, 2008
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The cause of unemployment in society was very important topic. We have to conductive proper survey and collect the data through questionnaire and after completion of the data 24.67% unemployment is due to extreme growth in population and 28.67% non coordination between education and job opportunities. Less investment in technical field is also a reason of unemployment. According to a survey research, we come on this point unemployment is also depend on economic condition of our country. Now a days professional and technical education necessary for our society



The term in unemployment means,

“A person is unemployed if he or she did not worked during the preceding week but made some effort to find working the past four weeks”

Unemployment is one of the major problems of Pakistan. The level of unemployment is moving up. The socio economic system of the country and institutions has failed to provide employment to the increasing labor force. The rate of expansion in industrial sector is very slow. The increasing labor force has not been absorbed. Increasing output of general education institutions is the major cause of educated young men’s unemployment. Technical, professional and vocational institutions are limited in number.

Nationalization of industrial units very badly affected the investment industrial sector. The private investor shifted their capital to other countries. Employment in the private sector absolutely stopped for many years. The higher growth rate of population is the major causes of unemployment. The population has exceeded the optimum level. The Resources of the country are limited.

Employment cannot be provided to the increasing labor force. The cottage industries in rural areas had been faded out by the machine made goods. The artisans have been rendered unemployed. Educated young men like white collar jobs. They do not like to perform manual...
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