Understanding Power

Topics: Federal government of the United States, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis Pages: 69 (27120 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Understanding Power

Understanding Power
The Indispensable Chomsky

© 2002 by Noam Chomsky, Peter Rounds Mitchell, and John Schoeffel All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be reproduced, in any form, without written permission from the publisher.
Published in the United States by The New Press, New York, 2002 Distributed by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York Explanatory footnotes available at www.understandingpower.com ISBN 1-56584-703-2

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The New Press was established in 1990 as a not-for-profit alternative to the large, commercial publishing houses currently dominating the book publishing industry. The New Press operates in the public interest rather than for private gain, and is committed to publishing, in innovative ways, works of educational, cultural, and community value that are often deemed insufficiently profitable. The New Press, 450 West 41st Street, 6th floor, New York, NY 10036 www.thenewpress.com Printed in Canada

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Editors' Preface XI
A Note on the Events of September II, 200 I XIlI
Chapter One Weekend Teach-In: Opening Session 1
The Achievements of Domestic Dissidence I
The U.S. Network of Terrorist Mercenary States 4
Overthrowing Third World Governments 6
Government Secrecy 10
The Media: An Institutional Analysis 12
__ Testing the "Propaganda Model" 15
- The Media and Elite Opinion 18
Filters on Reporting 24
Honest Subordination 30
"Fight it Better"; the Media and the Vietnam War 31
Chapter Two Teach-In: Over Coffee 37
"Containing" the Soviet Union in the Cold War 37
Orwell's World and Ours 41
Contemporary Poverty 45
Religious Fanaticism 50
'The Real Anti-Semitism" 51
Ronald Reagan and the Future of Democracy 53
Two New Factors in World Affairs 58
Democracy Under Capitalism 60
The Empire 64
Change and the Future 67

Chapter Three Teach-In: Evening
The Military- Industrial Complex The Permanent War Economy

70 70 73

vi |Contents |||
||Libyan and American Terrorism |77 |
||The U.S. and the U.N. |84 |
||Business, Apartheid, and Racism |88 |
||Winning the Vietnam War |90 |
||"Genocide": the United States and Pol Pot |92 |
||Heroes and Anti-Heroes |93 |
||"Anti - Intellectualism" |95 |
||Spectator Sports |98 |
||Western European Activism and Canada |101 |
||Dispelling Illusions |103 |
Chapter Four |Colloquy |106 |
||The Totalitarian Strain |106 |
||A Lithuania Hypothetical |109 |
||Perpetuating Brainwashing Under ||
||Freedom |III |
||Journalism LeMoyne-Style: A Sample of ||
||the Cynical Aspect |115 |
||Rethinking Watergate |117 |
||Escaping Indoctrination |120 |
||Understanding the Middle East Conflict |123 |
||The Threat of Peace |126 |
||Water and the Occupied Territories |129 |
||Imperial Ambitions and the Arab Threat |131 |
||Prospects for the Palestinians |134 |
||Legitimacy in History |135 |
||Qualifications to Speak on World Affairs; A |137 |
||Presidential Campaign ||
Chapter Five |Ruling the World |140 |
||Soviet Versus Western Economic ||
||Development |140 |
||Supporting Terror |144 |
||"People's Democratic Socialist Republics" |145 |

Contents vii
The Organ Trade 146
The Real Crime of Cuba 148
Panama and Popular Invasions 151
Muslims and U.S. Foreign Policy 154
Haiti: Disturbance at an Export Platform 155
Texaco and the Spanish Revolution 159
Averting Democracy in Italy 160
P.R. in Somalia 163
The Gulf War 165
Bosnia: Intervention Questions 171
Toying With India 172
The Oslo Agreement and Imperialist Revival 174

Chapter Six

Community Activists Discussion Circle

177 177

The Early Peace Movement and a Change
in the l970s 180
The Nuclear Freeze Movement 184
Awareness and Actions 186
Leaders and Movements 188
Levels of Change 189...
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