The Cold War

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Book Review Assignment

“The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction” by Robert McMahon This review focuses on one of the themes of the course, Main Currents of Modern History OBJECTIVE:
The aims of this book review are:
1. To understand about a conflict that spanned four and a half decades(1945-1990) and encompassed virtually the entire globe. 2. To gather the knowledge of how the world order was changed after the world wars and the transition into the cold war. 3. To study the rise and fall of the superpowers and the relaxation of tension among them. 4. To study about the final phases of the cold war and its impact on the world. PLAN OF STUDY

The formal plan of study is stated in the timeline given below. The main focus of the review will be to understanding and assessing one of the seminal events in modern world history. The review will provide a broad interpretive overview offering a general account of the Cold war. I will be making notes for my final draft with a regular study of the book covering all the relevant chapters in accordance with the theme of the course. I shall submit the final review by the date mentioned in the handout. The review process will be done by first reading the chapters and then joining the notes prepared for each chapter into a meaningful text thus covering the objectives of the review. DATE| TITLE| AUTHOR| PUBLICATION|

9th September to 17nd September| World War II and the destruction of the old order| Robert McMahon | Oxford University press| 18th September to 25th September| The origins of the Cold War in Europe| Robert McMahon | Oxford University press| 27th September to 9thOctober| A global Cold War| Robert McMahon | Oxford University press| 10th October to 16th October| The rise and fall of superpower detente| Robert McMahon | Oxford University press| 17th October to 23rd October| The final phase| Robert McMahon| Oxford University press|

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